Firma Bernardi Hermann

Original Bernardi Wood Art Carvings from Val Gardena – Dolomites

History of the brothers Bernardi Hermann, Bernardi Josef BEJO and Bernardi Willi

The history of original Bernardi Wood Carvings began in the 19th century in Ortisei Val Gardena where great grandfather Seppl Bernardi lived with his 6 sons and 3 daughters. According to ancient ladin tradition which stated in the 17th century also Seppl and his wife Carolina earned their living by carving little figures of pine wood and small little wood weather houses. With the years it developed to a real passion for creation of nativity wood sculptures.

Three of the sons, Bernardi Willi, Hermann and Josef, became master sculptors and established their own companies. Each one developed their love for wood carvings in a different way. Bernardi Willi created a huge variety of traditional alpine and exotic animals. Bernardi Josef’s company Bejo instead is famous for this sacral sculptors and crucifixes, his fame includes the huge 2,40 meter crucifix the parish of Honolulu (Hawai) and the crucifix of Rasciesa Bernardi Hermann developed his passion for nativities and added a huge choice of figures to the most famous cribs: Rifos, Bavaria and Nazareth.

In the seventies the sons of Hermann, Dieter and Rainer took over the company and luckily Rainer’s wife Margit Bernardi, which came from a family of artists, shared the passion for wood carvings. Together with her they are still creating new models.


Nativity exposition

Nativity exposition

Our exposition in Ortisei – Val Gardena

Sculptor Margherita Bernardi

Sculptor Margherita Bernardi

Sculptress of the Merano and Bolzano Christmas Market

Creation of wood carvings

Creation of wood carvings

Entirely carved and hand painted in our company in Ortisei

Enter in the world of woodcarvings in our company in the Dolomites where all the Bernardi woodcarvings are made. Here you can admire one of the largest crib expositions in the alps. Made by the artist Bernardi Margit which worked, carved and decorated it half a year along.

This piece of art narrates Holy Jesus birth story. It shows the accommodation search of Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus birth and the escape to Egypt. This nativity expositions changes from traditional alpine style to typical oriental style all on the same art installation.

To top the experience, you will be surrounded by mystic sounds and an amazing play of light. Furthermore, our nativity scene exhibition shows a variety of cribs a traditional Neapolitan crib with wood figures wearing fabric sewed clothes, a totally hand carved pine wood crib and a crib in which it is snowing. Cannot believe? Come to see…

Margit Bernardi carves wood since she was 16. She became a real Italian sculptor thanks to her instruction in Val Gardenas famous Art School. During her youth she worked with her father Giovanni Perathoner who was a sculptor too in their small wood carvings shop in Selva di Val Gardena. Later she started to create models for the famous ANRI company.

As she still loves sculpturing, she looks forward every year to carve on the renowned Christmas Markets of Bolzano and Merano where she is known as the Sculptor of the Christmas Market. Every year thousands of guests assist the new creation of a totally hand carved woodcarving.

Our newest creations are the pine wood balls. They are a natural and unique home decoration. The specialty of Alpine Dolomite pine wood is his calming effect. In fact, the natural essential oils of pine wood improve sleep quality and give trough this more power, relax and life quality.

Pine wood is very light and perfect for creation of Christmas three decorations. The addition of precious Swarovski Crystals gives to our Christmas balls a special light effect which make them even more special. You can check out the whole pine wood Christmas balls collection on our dedicated website.